1. i really need help…. please help me with my problem….how to fix my problem… these is what i did..

    i just follow instructions… and then after i tried these all i saw guest account icon appear in “start” menu then i click. and then suddenly guest account show up and i cant access with my administrator account… there’s no internet nothing at all….. these are the instruction i followed…..

    Note: this way to use Local Security Policy is only available in the windows 8 Pro and Windows Enterprise editions.

    1. from the start screen, type secpol.msc and press Enter . you could also press Windows + R to open the Run dialog , typesecpol.msc, and click on OK.

    2. in the left pane, click on to expand Local Policies and then open Security options.

    3. in the right pane of the Security Options, double click accounts : Block Microsoft Accounts.

    you will find the policy Block Microsoft accounts is disabled that means Microsoft account login works in windows 8 by default.

    4. to block adding Microsoft accounts, select Users cant add Microsoft accounts, and click on OK to save it.

    Explanations: by doing so, users will not be able to create new Microsoft account on this computer , switch a local account to Microsoft account or connect a domain account to a Microsoft account. this is the preferred option if you need to limit the use of Microsoft account…

    5. to block adding and signing in with microsoft accounts, select users can’t add or log on with Microsoft accounts, and then close the window.

    Explaination: this option will completely block the usage of microsoft account for all users .in addition to blocking adding microsoft accounts, all existing microsoft accountusers will not be able to sign in to windows 8.

    6. close the Local Security Policy window and check Microsoft account in PC settings. you will find the button -Switch to a microsoft account is grey and unavailable.

    please help me? can i get back my administrator account? how can i unblock it back?


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