How To Remote Control PowerPoint Presentation From Windows Phone 8


If you are the type person needs to give presentations often and you have a Windows Phone, then you can literally transform your phone into a remote control. A remote that controls when you want to advance to the next slide, go back to previous slides, stop the presentation or give a temporary blank screen. It’s fairly easy to setup, here is how.


Here is what you need:

1. download PC Remote Server on your Windows machine

2. download Powerpoint Remote on your Windows Phone


Once you have downloaded the PC remote server, you can leave everything the default setting if your phone is on the same network as your computer. If there isn’t any wireless network available or the computer doesn’t share the same network connection as your Phone then you have the option to turn your Windows machine into a Hotspot.


In my case, I don’t need to turn on the hotspot. But if you do, you can looking for this hotspot from your Windows Phone and enter the key when prompted. This way, it establish the connection between Windows and Windows Phone.


Now go launch the client on Windows Phone. It will also provide a guide if you have trouble to connect. You can edit the local IP address if it doesn’t automatically scan the machine.


Once the connection is setup and ready, you have quit a few options including, next slide, previous slide, blank screen, start and stop slideshow. You also get control over arrow keys as well as some of the other hot keys.

Overall, this works great as I have tested, give it a try next time when you need to give a presentation.



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