How To Remote Shutdown Windows 7


106 Say you have more than few computers running on a local network. And if you don’t feel like running around to turning off each computer manually you can always remotely shutdown / restart / sleep a computer in your local network.

There is command line method to do this too, but I’m going to show you an easier way.

What you need is to download this application Remote Shut Down (it works in XP, Vista and Windows 7)


What you get is this simple interface that let you pick which computer you want to send the signal to shut down.

You can choose what action to take, either let the computer ShutDown or put it into sleep or restart the computer.

Optional to display any messages, set the time and you are ready to go.

One common problem that you might encounter is will telling you don’t have the administrator privilege and “ACCESS DENIED.” This case, you need to log in with the account name and password, and they made it easy to do


Once you have don’t that, very soon you should get a confirmation message like the following.


Now you are all set. You can remotely control which computer you want to shutdown, restart and put it to sleep.

/update on Oct. 22, 2016/

Since the tool is no longer available, you won’t be able to use this method to remotely shut down or restart the computers. However, you can still use the command line shutdown to achieve the same.

shutdown /r \computername - to restart a remote computer
shutdown /s \computername - to shut down a remote computer
shutdown /l \computername - to log off a remote computer
shutdown /g \computername - to restart a remote computer and restart any registerred application



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