How To Remotely Create A New Network Share in Windows 7 [Tip]


Here are two ways of doing so.


Obviously, you need the local admin privilege to have full access to the remote computer.

A typical GUI way

1. Open Computer Management, by typing “computer management” from Start Menu. 2. Go to Action from the top menu, and click Connect to another computer…. image 3. Type in the name of remote computer, and hit OK. image 4. Right click Shares under Shared Folders in System Tools, and go to New Shares. image 5. Then follow the wizard to complete the task. image image image image image 6. Now, you’ve successfully created a network share on a remote computer. image Well, it’s quite a work to make a network share remotely, isn’t it. So let’s try something easier.

A PowerShell way

PowerShell is the new scripting programming tool developed by Microsoft. It’s built right in Windows 7 as well, and it’s very powerful. 1. Open PowerShell console, by typing in “powershell” in the Start Menu. 2. Type in the following command to create a network share “Test” in my remote computer KC-VMXP.

([wmiclass]’\\kc-vmxp\root\cimv2:Win32_Share’).Create(‘c:\temp’, ‘Test’, 0, 12, ‘test share’).ReturnValue image

Replace the parameters to create your own network shares remotely. Isn’t it much cooler? Thanks to PowerTips from To make this PowerShell script work, you need to open WMI Scripting on the remote computer firewall to allow access. If you know any other better way of remotely creating network shares, please share.



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