How To Remove Recently Used Files and Frequent Folders From Quick Access – Windows 10 Explorer


In Windows 10, the default behavior when you launch Windows Explorer is showing a list of recent frequent accessed file and folder in “Quick Access“. The more you use the new operating system, the more Windows learn from your pattern, and it will identify those folders and files you access frequently. If this freaks you out, don’t worry this guide will show you how to turn off the frequent folders and recent files options under “Quick Access”.

Go to View tab of the Windows Explorer. Click on “Options

Windows 10 Quick Access

This brings up the specific options for all Windows explorer folders. There is a new section “Privacy” under the General tab. You can uncheck both “Show recently used files in Quick access” and “Show frequently used folders in Quick access“.

Windows 10 Quick Access

After you turned off the options above you will see only the pinned folders will be shown under Quick access.

Windows 10 Quick Access

If you still want to take advantage of Windows learning which folder you are mostly going to use but don’t want them to showing up in the frequent folder sections. You can manually select them and right-click “Remove from Quick access”, which will effectively remove this folder from the Quick access regardless how often you are going to use this folder.


You can also clear all the history if you’d like Windows to start tracking the folders from scratch. Overall this small feature from Windows 10 is neat, very useful for many users out there don’t particularly remember exactly the folder structure. If the privacy concerns you, don’t worry this can be turned off as shown above.


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