How To Remove Windows Boot Camp Partition On Mac OS X


Apple has made installing Windows natively on a Mac easily with Boot Camp. With the latest version of Boot Camp Apple has added drivers support for Windows 8.1, Windows 8 and Windows 7. Your Mac should already have an existing version of Boot Camp installed, but it might not be the latest. And strangely enough Mac’s software update doesn’t pick up new software released on Boot Camp. You need to manually go to the website, download and install the latest version of Boot Camp. (As of writing this post the latest Boot Camp 5.1.5621 can be downloaded here for all none current generation Mac, or Boot Camp 5.1.5640 here for all current generation Mac)

We’ve covered before how easy it is to install Windows on a Mac, this guide will help you go through how to remove Windows partitions from a Mac, if you ever decided to do so.

First go launch Boot Camp, you can do so by hit “command + space” launch spotlight search and type “Boot Camp”.

Remove Windows Bootcamp Partition

Hit Continue after the first Introduction page.

Remove Windows Bootcamp Partition

If there already exists a Windows partition installed, you can select “Remove Windows 7 or later version”. The next step of the wizard will tell you how much space you will be gaining after removing the Windows partition.

Remove Windows Bootcamp Partition

Hit “Restore” to confirm the deletion.

Remove Windows Bootcamp Partition

This process will take a while depends on how big the Windows partition is, once this is done you will be getting all the storage back and merge back to the main Mac OS X partition.

Remove Windows Bootcamp Partition

This is to confirm the Windows installation has been successfully removed from the Mac. That’s it, removing a native Boot Camp Windows installation is easy and straight forward.



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