How to Restore Corrupt Windows XP Backup File


Data backup is considered to be the safest option to overcome any situation of data loss. In addition, while upgrading a system from a lower version to some advanced version, data migration can be done by making use of the data backup. There are several other situations where data backup proves to be very helpful. However, like any other data backup files are also prone to issues like corruption.

For example, consider a scenario where you are upgrading from Windows XP to Windows 8 or you want to recover from an unexpected system crash. In any of the case, you want your data back. There are various tools to accomplish the need of data backup. NTbackup utility is an inbuilt utility in Windows XP that helps in creating backup of the data present on the system. In addition, there are many software like Backup Exec by Veritas, which performs data backup. Such backup are created in the form of a file with a BKF extension. You can easily repair corrupt BKF file to regain access to all your data in case of any data loss situation.

However, in case the BKF file is corrupt, you would not be able to regain access to the data. There are various reasons for BKF file corruption. Some of them are mentioned below.

  • Virus attack
  • Hard disk failure
  • Sudden system shutdown
  • CRC error
  • Malfunctioning of software/hardware
  • Missing catalog file
  • Interruption while creating backup files

There could be many other reasons for a corrupt BKF file. At times, such situations are often supported by some error messages. You might get the following error in case of corrupt BKF file.

“Backup file contains unrecognized data and cannot be used”

In such a situation the corrupt BKF file would not open with the utility that was used to backup the data.  This is because of the corrupt BKF file, which makes the data inaccessible.

However, like any other data, you can recover corrupt backup data (BKF) as well. There is no manual method to repair corrupt BKF files or recovering data from them. So, the best possible solution is to use an advanced and professional BKF recovery software.

Stellar Phoenix BKF Recovery is a professional software to recover inaccessible data from corrupt Windows BKF file. The software facilitates quick and easy recovery of BKF files created with Windows NTBackup and Backup Exec by Veritas software. In addition, it successfully overcomes all the situations leading to corrupt BKF file. The tool supports saving the scanned output for later recovery. In addition, you can search for a BKF file in the system, if you do not know the exact location. With an easy-to-use and highly interactive interface, the entire process of recovery can be performed without any hassle.

Steps to Recover Corrupt BKF file using Stellar Phoenix BKF RecoverySoftware

You can follow the below mentioned steps to recover corrupt BKF file using the Stellar Phoenix BKF Recovery software.

  1. Launch the ‘Stellar Phoenix BKF Recovery’ software.
  2. The main interface of the software ‘Stellar PhoenixBKF Recovery’ is displayed as shown below.


The software provides you with an option to either directly select the corrupt BKF file through ‘Select File’ option. In case you do not know the exact location of the corrupt BKF file, you can search the entire system by clicking the ‘Search File(s)’ button.

  1. Once you select the file, the path gets displaced in the Search File box.
  2. To start the scanning of selectedBKF file, click ‘Recover’ as shown below.


  3. The ongoing scanning processis shown with the help of a progress bar as shown below.


  4. As the scanning proceeds, the scanned BKF files get listed in the left pane of the interface. The bottom pane of the interface displays the progress bar with a log report of the ongoing BKF recovery process.
  5. Once the scanning is complete, a dialog box appears up with a message ‘BKF file is repaired successfully’.
  6. To save the file, click ‘save icon’ on the toolbar.
  7. Click ‘OK’ as shown below.


  8. From the listed scanned files on the left pane ofthe interface, select any folder to see the contained files. The list of files contained in a particular folder appears in the upper middle pane of the software. From the upper middle pane, click any file to see its preview on the lower middle pane as shown below.


  9. In order to save the files, go to the tool bar and click the ‘Save File’ button. You can either chose to save a single file or multiple files as desired. Once you have clicked the ‘Save File’ button, you can select a desired path to save the repaired files. You need to look into the ‘Path for Repaired File’ section of this dialog to repair the file atanylocation. You can either go for a default path or choose anydesiredlocation to save the repaired files.Once done, click ‘OK’ as shown below.6
  10. Once the scanning process is complete, a dialog box with a message ‘Saving process completed successfully’ pops up. Click ‘OK’ as shown below.


Note: The recovered BKF files can be retrieved from the location where you saved the files during recovery.



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