How to Retrieve Deleted Pictures from Memory Card using Software?


Hi, I have accidentally deleted some of my precious photos from my Digital camera. Now, I am desperately looking for how to retrieve deleted pictures, please let me know if this is possible. Thanks!

Well, it is a very common mistake that people do very often, so you really don’t have to worry about. You can easily recover all the deleted photos from your digital camera’s memory card in few simple steps. Even if you are unable to access your memory card, you’ll still be able to locate and recover pictures from memory card as all the pictures are still available in it.

Always remember, when you delete something from your memory card, it does not wipes off immediately. The file system only marks this place as empty and allows your camera or any other device to write new pictures over it. However, always remember that the overwritten data can never be recovered. Therefore, it is always better not to use the memory card after deletion, until you haven’t recovered your deleted stuff.

So if you have not used your memory card yet after deletion, then remove your memory card and connect it to your Windows system directly or via card reader. Now download Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery software on your computer and install it properly. This tool is very fast and efficient, and will take only a few minutes, to get downloaded and installed on your computer machine.

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How it Works

Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery software is an efficient tool that recovers your completely lost and deleted data. It supports recovery of photo, audio and video file formats including various others. You can recover deleted pictures from almost all the popular brands of cameras by this efficient software. The tool allows you to add or remove the file type using the Add Header feature of the tool in case the file list is not sufficient for you.

After download and install you need to run the software and follow some simple steps to retrieve your deleted pictures back. Let’s have a look on working of the software.

Main User Interface

After running the tool, firstly, scan the selected media and start to recover the files. It also allows you to save the information file to resume recovery in the later stage. To recover files of specific type lying in a specific hard drive region, you can use ‘Advanced‘ options. Software main user interface provides you few better options so you can easily use to recover deleted data. Here are the main options:

  • Recover Photos, Audio and Video Files
  • Create Image
  • Resume Recovery


Recover Photos, Audio and Video Files

This option allows you to recover all the supported images and media files. If you choose it, it will show you the connected (currently Active) hard drives and other removable storage devices on your system, you’ll need to select the desired one to get started.


Now, select your desired media device for which you want to scan and recover files. You can also choose ‘Advanced Scan‘ option if you want to configure the file type according to your requirement.

In ‘Advanced Scan’ you can add and remove the file type for a better recovery.


After initiating scanning process, you’ll need to wait until the software completes scanning procedure. You can see the status on the window.


After successful scan, a list of all the recoverable photos, videos will be highlighted on the left pane of the window. You can click on the file and preview the image.

Now, you can click on ‘Recover’ button to save the file. Choose a desired location first to save your recovered files.

Create Image

This option is used to create image of your desired storage device or any particular region around the storage area. If you save this image, then you do not have to scan your device again. After creating this image, you can delete your files from the storage device as it will have no effect on the image and later, can recover your data from this .IMG file. Create Image provides two Recovery options:

  • Create Image of the entire storage device
  • Create Image of a selected region of the storage device

Resume Recovery

This feature provides you the facility to recover photos, audio and video files using the saved scan information. Saved scan information is used to process file recovery without scanning your problem media device from the beginning. Here are the features you will get in Resume recovery option:

  • Using scan information
  • Using image file


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