How To Retrieve Saved Password in IE, Firefox, Chrome, and Opera


Pretty much all popular web browsers have a feature called Saved Password that saves your password so you don’t have to remember and type it next time when you visit the same website. It asks if you want to save the password when it’s first time you are logging into a website you have never logged in before on the browser. Once you said Yes, the password you entered will be saved in the browser and will be populated next time. It is very convenient to all of us because we don’t have to remember our passwords at all time. And remembering these passwords without a tool is difficult, most of the time impossible.

But do you know how to retrieve these saved password from browsers you use? One downside of relying heavily on these Saved Password feature is that if you don’t type your password long enough you will probably forget all about them sooner or later. So it is kind important knowing how to retrieve them without going through the password reset process.

Retrieving saved passwords from Chrome

Go to Chrome Settings (click the link if you are using Chrome), click Show advanced settings… link at the bottom of the page, and click Manage saved passwords link under Passwords and forms section.

Chrome - saved passwords

To show the password, highlight the item and click Show button.

Retrieving saved passwords from FireFox

Click Firefox at the top left corner → Options → Options to open the Options dialog box. Then go to Security tab, click Saved Passwords… button.

Firefox - saved passwords

To show the saved password, just click the Show Password button above the Close button in the Saved Passwords dialog box.

Retrieving saved passwords from IE and Opera

Both IE and Opera have the Saved Passwords feature but don’t have a similar feature that shows you the saved passwords in plain text format. To retrieve passwords saved in these two browsers, we will need some help from 3rd party tool, such as NirSoft’s WebBrowserPassView. It’s a portable password recovery tool that reveals the passwords stored by all popular web browsers: IE, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, and Opera. It’s your all-in-one tool to retrieve your saved passwords regardless of what kind of browser you are using.

Using WebBrowserPassView is very easy and straightforward. Just download the tool from its product page, extract the file onto your local computer, and double click the executable file to launch the tool. Once it’s running, it automatically scans and pulls all user log-in info it finds from your computer and list them within the tool.


WebBrowserPassView works on any version of Windows, from 2000 and above. Both 32-bit and 64-bit editions are supported.



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