How To Retrieve The Blocked Content in Outlook


To prevent the bad hit from the bad guy, Outlook has a security level built-in that blocks the most dangerous attachment used as the malware warm bed from being accessed in the program. For example, Outlook just blocked a .url attachment in my inbox.

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However, you may still receive them from time to time as a legit source from a known friend or customer or respectful resource. Normally, when you see them in your inbox and know they are safe you would inform the send to rename the file and send again. It would be a lot easier if you know how to access them. After all, they are already in your inbox. Here are 3 ways that you can use to retrieve them without asking the sender to resend them.

Way #1: Accessing the Webmail

Well, you may have your luck here to see the blocked in Outlook content isn’t blocked on webmail. But the chances of the content still blocked in Webmail are still pretty high. I had successfully retrieved some types of blocked document a few times. In other cases, I had to forward them into my Gmail account and from there I was able to retrieve them. But simply, if you don’t see the blocked content unblocked in webmail, please check the next tip below.

Way #2: Change the Registry

There is a registry string that you can add into the registry to unblock the blocked file type in Outlook. The same key works for Outlook 2003 and up, since the blocking idea was first introduced in Outlook 2003. Just place them in the respective location.

The magic registry string is called Level1Remove and is placed in the following location:


where version states, 11 for 2003, 12 for 2007, and 14 for 2010

Add the file extension names including the dot and separated by the comma. Restart your Outlook to have the change taken effect.

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If that’s a bit too much, or you are afraid of touching the sensitive registry, here is a tool to help you.

Way #3: A tool to help you out

Outlook Security Configurator is a free portable little application that helps you get pass the block road to access the file you are sure is safe. It works for all version of Outlook.

To unblock a certain file type, find and select the type from the Block list and click <add to move it to the Allow list. And click Apply button to make the change.

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Last Words

The security setting in Outlook is a very good way to block the threats from attacking your computer. Do not apply the tips we revealed here unless you are certain that the file you need to access is clean and safe from the threats.



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