How To Reveal Saved Wireless Network Password in Windows 8


It has occurred to me quite a few times in a situation where I don’t remember the password to a wireless network I had connected before. I can still connect the same device that has connected to the same wireless network before but without remembering the password I just can’t connect another device wirelessly.

If that has happened to you as well, here is a quick tip that shows you how to recover a wireless password from a wirelessly connected Windows 8 computer.

Press Win + I key to bring out the Settings Charm bar, and click the Network icon (the top right one that shows the network name you are connected with).

Network Charm bar

From the listed wireless network in the charm bar, right click the name of the wireless network you want to connect, and choose View connection properties.

Right click wireless network on charm bar

And that brings up the Wireless network properties window. You can reveal the password used to connect to the network by check the Show characters option from Security tab.

Wireless Network Properties - show characters

That’s it. It’s that simple, isn’t it. Once again, this simple tip only works on a computer that’s already connected to the wireless network.




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