How To Run As Test User in Windows


I have to confess that I don’t like the idea using my computer as a normal user, aka restricted user. Because of this, I hardly put my users to the same spot where they don’t have the full power using their computers. But often time, the reality is that you need to run something, whether it’s a website or an application, with a restricted user account, and switching users isn’t very effective. And that’s how this little guy called RunAsTestUser comes in to play.

RunAsTestUser is an open source free app that allows you to launch websites in IE and applications as another user. It allows you to store your applications, sites, and test users for easy selection and execution. A basic manager for the run as command. And it’s fairly easy to use.

Before you start using this tool, you need to set up a test user with restricted permission either locally or in an AD.

The tool comes with 3 tabs, Internet Explorer, Application, and Manual.

To access a website as a test user, go to Internet tab, set up an URL with URL Management, pickup a user from the list, and hit Launch.


To access a particular app as a test user, go to Application tab, pick or create an Application from Application Management, select a user, and hit Launch.


As you can see, you can save and manage Urls and applications using the built-in URL management, and Application Management. The same is also applied to manage users.


You can also set to leave it running in the system tray so that you can launch it whenever you need it.

If you are a heavy software tester or internet user, this tool can be handy if you have something suspicious and hesitate to access.



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