How To Save and Play iPhone 5S Slow Motion Video Clips on Windows


iPhone 5S comes with a new and very cool video recording feature called Slo-Mo that, as the name implies, records a slow motion video clips right on the phone. It’s fun and well made, especially when watching it on the phone after you’ve recorded it. It works just as it advertised.

But when you save those slo-mo recorded video clips off onto your Windows computer, you don’t see those specially made slow motions. Video plays in normal speed on your local machine instead.

So, how to play those slo-mo videos?

You can definitely do so by following this post we’ve covered not long ago, which basically, if you are using Windows Media Player, you can set the Play Speed specifically to 25%, which matches the speed used in recording in slo-mo mode.

Windows Media Player -Player Speed Setting
Windows Media Player -Player Speed Setting
Windows Media Player - speed set to 25%
Windows Media Player – speed set to 25%

Or, saving it as it’s recorded

But what if you want to save natively what’s been recorded? There is a free app called TruSloMo that you can use to save the video clip natively in a true slo-mo format before downloading it to your computer.

iPhone App: TruSloMo

And again, it works like a charm, saves the video clip exactly the same as you recorded and watched on the phone.




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