How To Save the Counters Added in Performance Monitor on Windows


When it comes to monitoring your computer performances, Task Manager is your first stop, Resource Monitor is your second choice, but Performance Monitor is the tool that can get you to the next level letting you know what’s really going on in your system in a much deep level. It offers a full set of Performance Counters to measure your system state and activities and displays the result in a way that you can easily track down where your performance bottleneck was.

If you ended up using Performance Monitor to track your system performance, the default performance counters used in Performance Monitor probably are not good enough to capture the data you need. You will most likely be adding more counters that are related to your case. If there are many of them to add, you might want to save all these counters so you can open up next time without adding them back all over again. But the problem is that if you add these counters directly in Performance Monitor, you will need to add them back one by one, which is a very cumbersome job.

Here is the proper way of adding Counters without losing them.

Instead of open Performance Monitor directly, you fire up the Microsoft Management Console (launch mmc.exe from Run dialog box). Then go to File → Add/Remove Snap-in…


Select Performance Monitor from the Available snap-ins list and click the Add button to add it the right panel.


Now, start adding the counters you need to track. When you finished, go to File → Save as to save a copy of MMC file that has all your performance counters included. Next time when you need to fire up Performance Monitor again with the same performance counter, simply double-click the MMC file.




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