How To Save Themes for Sharing in Windows 10


Here at NextofWindows, we have a monthly tradition to compile all the best wallpapers from Smashing Magazine as a packaged Windows theme for all our readers. The ability to create a theme is new as of Windows 7. In Windows 10 you can still create and share themes with other Windows 10 users. However, due to the drastic change in UI and the current hybrid settings that co-exist between legacy Windows and the new modern Windows 10 UI, it’s hard to figure out how to share the themes that were once straightforward back in Windows 7.

To Save Themes for Sharing in Windows 10

First go to Settings > Personalization > Background

From here you can find options to pick a selected folder, “choose albums for your slideshow” will add all photos from selected directory as your background’s slideshow.


Once you are happy with all the settings for your slideshow go to Themes tab, click “Theme settings”.


This is where the confusion kicks in when you clicked “Theme settings” in the previous step. Windows 10 will launch the legacy UI, Control Panel, and it’s corresponding settings for Personalization. From here, you can right-click the current “Unsaved Themes” and from the extension menu, there are options let you to “Save theme for sharing”.


From here you can save and share your Windows 10 theme. Important to note, the themes created by Windows 10 can be only opened and used by another Windows 10 machine. Microsoft made Windows 10 to generate a new theme type .deskthemepack which isn’t compatible with previous Windows. That said, themes are generated by Windows 7 can be shared with all other versions of Windows 7 or above. There you have it, this is how to create and save Windows 10 themes.




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