How To Share Desktop Screen via Skype


Do you know you can use Skype to share live desktop between your peers? Yes, not only can you use Skype to chat, making voice and video calls, but it also allows you to share your current desktop. The screen-sharing feature has been around in Skype for some time, though not many people are aware of this. When you use the screen-sharing feature inside Skype, it essentially streams what’s showing on your desktop as a live video to the other end of a call or a group call. However, unlike other desktop sharing tools such as Team Viewer, Skype doesn’t allow user to remote control the shared desktop session. All Skype lets you do in Screen-Sharing is to have the ability to allow others to see what you are using on your computer or a particular Window.

Here is how to share desktop screens between your friend

First, you need to be on a voice or video call with another person. On the bottom of the Window, hit the Plus icon → Share Screens … From there you have the option to choose to share either your entire desktop or a particular active window.

Screenshot 2014 11 20 21.55 600x381 - How To Share Desktop Screen via Skype

Once you have made the selection, hit Start to enable desktop sharing.

Screenshot 2014 11 20 21.53 600x447 - How To Share Desktop Screen via Skype

Here is an example of how it looks like at the other end of a Skype call. This is an iPad client, notice that the desktop we have shared earlier is now streaming as a live video feed.

image2 2 600x450 - How To Share Desktop Screen via Skype

That’s it, screen-sharing via Skype works not only for peer-to-peer voice or video calls, but also works in a group call where one person can share desktop screen to multiple other people at the same time. Give it a try next time when you use Skype, it’s a handy tool and use it wisely.


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