How to show file extension in Windows 7 with keyboard shortcut


Ever wonder how you can show file extension in Windows 7? (This applies to Vista as well) Now you can toggle to show/off file extension with one keyboard shortcut. Thanks to Hot-To-Geek, you can now show the file extension just like the old days. To do this you need to download a program, get it here. After you’ve install the program, this will auto run at start up, meaning whenever your PC starts this program will run in the background.



With the hot key WINDOWS+Y

You can stop the program running via going to the task manager -> ToggleFileExt.exe -> End Process


  1. Really, a program to do this that runs in the background the whole time? No thanks!

    Control Panel -> Folder Options (type in search box if you do not see it) -> View Tab -> uncheck “Hide file extensions for known types”

    Same as XP, the menu is just in a different place.

    • I agree, William. The fact, this website recommends a background program for a fairly simple display adjustment makes me wonder about the credibility of this site (promoting application $$$ over configuration tweaks). The display of extension should be the DEFAULT, especially since malicious coders have used this for the past 20 years.

  2. I’d just like to comment that I run a network with pretty locked down stations for security reasons. As such, the end user modifying folder options is not permitted. To ensure workflow isn’t heavily compromised for the sake of security, sysadmins run with the same restrictions from day to day to encourage them to develop the most efficient while least restrictive and most secure way to do things. Most users wouldnt need to see file extensions but the sysadmins do from time to time. This program solves that issue without having to work strictly in the command prompt, or create seperate GPOs that would obfuscate the system to complete such a menial task. So it does have a purpose.


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