How To Slide To Shutdown Your Windows 10 from Desktop


Windows 10 has a pretty cool slide to shutdown feature built for devices with a touchscreen so instead of going through Start menu, which is kind boring, you can shutdown your Windows 10 system with a sleek slide.

But can we still do it on a Windows 10 desktop that doesn’t have a touchscreen?

Here is a quick tip that actually lets you do that. Thanks to MakeUseOf for sharing.

Let’s create a shortcut on your desktop first. Right-click on the desktop, click New, then Shortcut. Paste in the following line and give a name to the shortcut.


Shortcut to SlideToShutdown

Once done, you will have a shortcut named something like “SlideToShutDown” on your desktop.

SlideToShutDown shortcut

Double-clicking the shortcut opens up the Windows 10’s Slide-to-Shutdown right in front of you.

Windows 10 - Slide To Shutdown

Since it’s a shortcut, you can pin it to the Start or right on the Taskbar if you like.



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