How to Speed up shutdown time in Windows 7


Having pain when Windows take forever to shutdown? Well we got you few tips you can try it out.

First as always, when shutting down Windows, it is a good idea to have all the running program closed. With this said, the new Windows 7 has improved the “force to close the program” area, where as in Vista this process takes much longer.

Second, we can do some tweak in the registry editor to speed up the shutdown timeout.

regedit start

Start by going to the start menu:

  • Type “regedit” ENTER
  • Inside your Registry Editor Navigate to
  • \HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINES\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control
  • Find the registry key called “WaitToKillServiceTimeout” on your left
  • right click to modify
  • modifty regedit
  • enter the new value 2000 (meaning 2 seconds, here you can enter anything between 2000 or above, by default this value is set at 20000)

regedit editor

Now you are done and ready to enjoy a fast shutdown on your Windows 7




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