How To Start Use Google Now On Windows Desktop Right Now


Google Now, launched about one and half years ago in July 2012, is a voice over personal assistant tool that provides you the answers over the voice, much like Apple’s Siri. Essentially, Google Now is Google’s answer to compete with Apple’s Siri, playing the catch-up game. Fast forward to present time, Google Now has grown exponentially in terms of both users and features. It is better, if not on par, than Apple’s Siri. And the best thing yet, it’s no longer limited on Android smartphones or tablets. You can now use Google Now right on your desktop, on a Windows machine, thanks to the latest release of Chrome browser. Though technically still in early beta stage, you can already start to try it out with the latest Google Chrome Canary.

Here Is How To Use Google Now On a Windows Desktop

Go download Chrome Canary if you haven’t, it’s a development version of Chrome that contains the latest cutting edge features. You can run Canary side by side with your stable Chrome.


Once you have installed Google Canary, go to chrome://flags/#enable-google-now


Find the option, Google Now, select Enabled.


Once you have done that, make sure to click Relaunch Now at the bottom of the page to restart your Chrome Canary. At this time, it’s important to point out that you need to login your Google account in order for this to work properly.


If you already have a smartphone that uses Google Now, the following will come as no surprise. When you restart your browser, you should see a notification indicating Google Now has landed on your desktop.


Find the Chrome Notification Center on your system tray. Click the notification center will launch Google Now cards.


This will be more or less similar to the cards on your Smartphone or tablets, it is based on your interests, your personal information Google has on you. It will show cards that are relevant to you, hopefully at the moment when you need them. If you are someone who is comfortable to share those personal information with Google, Google Now is a very good choice to be more aware of your surroundings and things that are important to you.




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