How To Stream Groove Music to Chromecast


Groove Music is awesome. I particularly like the integration between its service and OneDrive. It literally just makes possible playing my own music anywhere on any devices. Yes, it still has some flaws, things like pauses between the songs which is quite annoying, but overall the experience has been fantastic.

But it lacks of a way to enjoy the music in places like living room where you have your awesome audio equipment set-up, unless you have an Xbox. If you don’t, here’s another solution that only costs $35, around 1/10th the cost of an Xbox.

Yes, you probably already guessed. I am referring to Google’s Chromecast. And here is how you can do it. It’s super easy.

Obviously, you will need to use Google’s Chrome browser, and you will need Google Cast extension to be installed to be able to cast any content in Chrome browser to your audio system through Chromecast dangle. And that any content includes Groove.

Go to Groove Web Player, click the Google Cast icon on the toolbar, and select the Chromecast from the list. Then sit back and enjoy.

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Unfortunately, since Groove doesn’t offer a web player for Movies & TV shows, you can’t use this method to cast these content to a Chromecast.

If you love Groove and have an awesome audio system set up in your living room that you want to enjoy, Chromecast is the least expensive yet still decent way to go. You will need to control the playback from a device that runs Windows or Android. Not perfect, but works great.



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