How To Switch Back to Old Chrome’s New Tab Page

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Chrome’s New Tab page

The latest release of Chrome has a revamped New Tab page that includes Google’s Doodle and other features of Google search right on any new tab you open. It also moved the recently closed tabs to the Chrome Menu, and apps menu to the Apps icon in the bookmarks bar.

The new interface of New Tab page looks fresh, but I don’t quite like it. I still miss the old looking with the easy access to my recently closed tabs and pages I opened on my other computer, right from the New Tab page.

And if you are with me, here is how you can switch it back.

  1. Copy chrome://flags/, and paste it to Chrome’s address bar to open Chrome’s experimental page.
  2. Use Ctrl+F to search for “Enable Instant Extended API” open.
  3. And switch it from Default to Disable.
  4. Click Relaunch Now button that shows up at the bottom of the window.

chromeflags Google Chrome Instant Extended API - How To Switch Back to Old Chrome's New Tab Page

But if you want to move on, you can now re-open the recent closed tab right from the Chrome menu. You will also find the tabs you opened on the other computers listed there too. If you are on Windows 7/8, you can access your recent closed tab from Chome’s Jump List from the task bar.

Chrome recent tabs - How To Switch Back to Old Chrome's New Tab Page
Recent Tabs from Chrome Menu



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