How To Sync Bookmark between iOS Safari and Chrome on Windows


Along with the new iOS 7 Update from yesterday, Apple also rolled out a new version of iCloud Control panel for Windows. This new version of iCloud Control Panel v3 allows you to sync Bookmarks between mobile safari and other three major browser, IE, Firefox and Chrome. Prior to the update, you were only able to sync bookmarks between IE and iOS Safari. This is a welcome addition, it would be a nice addition to your new iOS 7 experience.

Here is how you can setup bookmark syncing between Chrome and iOS Safari

Make sure you have an iCloud account, if you are using those iDevices, chances are you might already have one. Make sure sync with iCloud is turned on.

Download and install the latest iCloud Control Panel v3. You will need to restart your PC after installing the iCloud Control Panel. Once you are done restarting, come back to the iCloud control panel, you will see a newer iCloud icon etc.


Sign in to the iCloud control panel, check Bookmark > Options > Chrome. Of course here you can select to sync between more than one browser, but to make our life easier, let’s just pick one browser that we use the most frequent.


Click Apply when you done. This will prompt you to ask if you’d like to merge the bookmark between chrome and the bookmarks already stored in iCloud. You only have the merge option, click Merge to continue.


If you are syncing with Chrome, click the download button this will link you to the Chrome extension of iCloud Bookmarks.


Download and install the extension to Chrome.


This will sync the Bookmark in the background with iCloud.


That’s it, you are done. You should now see bookmarks from your Chrome appearing in mobile Safari. Take advantage of the new feature and give it a try !


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