How To Tell If Your PC is Ready for Windows XP Mode


One of the requirements for Windows XP Mode is the PC needs to be virtualization ready, meaning the CPU processor has either AMD-V or Intel VT technology supported. But how can I tell?

For Intel Processors:

Download, install, and run the Intel Processor Identification Utility.


Navigate to the CPU Technologies tab, and read the Intel Virtualization Technology line and see if it says yes or no. Luckily, mine says yes.


For AMD processors

Download AMD Virtualization Compatibility Check Utility from AMD website, which is in ZIP format.

Extract the files into any folder and run the executable file amdvhyperv.exe as administrator. The result will show up in a few seconds.


Check the BIOS if still no luck

If you got answer yes on the processor but still aren’t able to run XP mode, you need to check your PC’s BIOS to make sure AMD-V / Virtualization Technology is enabled.

For HP systems,

  1. F10 key to get into BIOS;
  2. Navigate to System Configuration;
  3. Select Virtualization Technology and press Enter;
  4. Select Enable and press Enter;
  5. F10 key to Save and Exit.

For Lenovo ThinkPad systems,

  1. F1 key to get into BIOS;
  2. Navigate to Config;
  3. Scroll to CPU, and press Enter;
  4. Scroll to Intel Virtualization Technology, and press Enter;
  5. Select Enable;
  6. F10 key to Save and exit.

For other brand systems or motherboards, check the user guide for more details.

If all passed, move on to XP mode.



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