How To Tell Which Version of .NET Framework I have on My Computer


A .Net written application requires a suitable version of .Net Framework installed that is compatible with the one used in the application. So sometime it’s quite useful knowing which version of .Net installed on your computer before going ahead loading a .Net application. Normally, you can find out from Programs and Features window in Control Panel on Windows Vista and 7, or Add/Remove Programs on Windows XP. But, it does feel tedious sometimes.

.NET Version Detector is a free portable utility that gives information on the different versions of Microsoft .Net framework that are installed on a particular machine.


The number in Green means the particular version is installed, while Red tells you the version is missing. Each version has a direct download link next to it for you to easily go and download if you need to install a version that’s been missing.

The details can easily been copied and pasted in an email for sharing but I don’t see how often this will be used.

The application can also be launched as a command-line utility. When used, the result can be saved directly in a text file for review. This can be useful and integrated by the developers in an application to determine whether a version of .Net is missing and needs to be installed.


The author of .Net Version Detector also allows for a vendor to bundle the tool with their application without a fee so that the application bundled with can easily get some generic and accurate information on the frameworks.



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