How To Troubleshoot Windows 7 Boot Performance Issue


Windows 7 is meant to be fast, right from booting up all the way to shutting down. If you experience some kind of the slowness during the boot up on your new fast decent hardware, it probably means there are something in the system that you may want to check out.

However, it’s not that easy to find out what’s holding up the boot performance if you don’t have the proper tools and if you don’t know how to properly use them. Now, with the new categorized event view in Windows 7, it’s a lot easier than ever.

Actually since Windows Vista, Windows has included a new category of event logs, Application and Services Logs, one of which is called Diagnostics-Performance/Operational logs. It contains all events that record performance measurements. If you go and dig deep, you might be surprised how much information has been recorded in that category.

First, launch the Event Viewer simply by typing “event viewer” into the search box from Start menu.

event viewer - How To Troubleshoot Windows 7 Boot Performance Issue

Then, expend Applications and Services Logs at the left panel, and then Microsoft, Windows, until Diagnostics-Performance and Operational.

event viewer diagnosticsperformance thumb - How To Troubleshoot Windows 7 Boot Performance Issue

Now, you can find all warning and Critical events that are associated with Boot Performance, either by sorting the Task Category, or by the Event IDs. Those IDs 100 through 110 are categorized for Boot Performance.

event viewer boot performance thumb - How To Troubleshoot Windows 7 Boot Performance Issue

As you can see, I had 4 events that are associated with boot performance issue. All I need to do now is looking at those events to find out which applications were stalling the start up.

That’s it for now. Hope it helps you at least find out where the problems are.


  1. Good hint but what about for those who don’t know what those errors mean… what’s the best way to solve the issues?


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