How To Troubleshoot Windows Not Able to Save/Download any .exe File


Sometimes when you try to download any .exe files your browser would block the download, and not only you cannot download from Chrome or Firefox, you cannot download any installer from any browser, IE and Microsoft Edge included. However, such problem only happens when you attempt to download executable files. Downloading all other file formats still works.

In Chrome you might get a message like below, installer_xxx.exe Failed – Blocked.


In the latest Microsoft Browser Edge, are receiving message such as “This file couldn’t be downloaded.


It’s frustrating when this happens, especially when you don’t know where or how to troubleshoot. Fortunately, help is on the way, we will walk you through how to fix this annoyingness.

First launch Internet Options by typing “inetcpl.cpl” in the search.


Now go to Security tab > Internet Zone > Custome level …


Scroll down to Downloads section makes sure both File download and Font download are Enabled. 


Scroll further down, under Miscellaneous find Launch applications and unsafe files are select to Prompt (recommend). 

Now save the setting and restart your browser to try to download any .exe files again. You should now be able to download those files that were previously blocked by your browser.


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