How To Try Out Metro Version of Chrome in Windows 8


The final version of Chrome that works as Metro App in Windows 8 hasn’t released yet but the version released from the Dev Channels at least gives us a peak of it to see what it looks like in Windows 8. Here is how.

1. Go to the Chrome Release Channels, and click Dev channel for Windows  to download it.

Chrome Dev Channels

2. Click Accept and Install button to have the latest Dev release installed on your computer.

3. Once done, go to the Settings from the Wrench icon on the toolbar. Scroll to the bottom of the page, and click the button called Make Google Chrome my default browser.

A couple of more dialog boxes will pop up right after, asking which browser to use when opening a link. Selecting either one should be fine but since we are testing out Chrome, why not just picking up the Chrome?

Chrome make default browser

4. That’s it. Now, if you open Chrome from the Desktop taskbar, it opens in desktop version, but if you open it from the Start screen. It will open as a Metro App instead.

Chrome in start screen

Chrome Metro

As of the moment, it’s very basic, nothing fancy. It’s more like a prototype of thing that’s just for you to see what it will be like in the future. But at least, we’ve got a taste of it. Can’t wait to see what Google finally will come up with.



  1. This isn’t working for me.  I’ve done all these steps exactly, but clicking the tile in the start screen opens the desktop chrome.


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