How To Turn Any RSS Feed into A Full Text Feed


When it comes to whether RSS feed should be full-text or summarized, I was always like, you know, hoping there are something that could be used in between to make both side of world satisfied. As a blog, I like the feed being summarized because I can generate more traffic from it, and I can prevent my content from being scraped (well, at some degree) but as a long time Google Reader who heavily rely on the feeds to keep me in the loop of this ever growing tech world, I hate every time I need to make an extra click to read the full content. And it causes more time and maybe money especially when I am on my phone reading through the feeds. In fact, I often unsubscribe any feeds that turn from full-text to descriptive. So at the end of the day, I choose to live more as a read, and keep this blog’s feed full text, and will always keep this way forward.

And here is something even better to all of you who still follow the RSS feed these days. You can turn any feeds into a full-text feed without going to their sites with this simple web application.

Whenever you want to subscribe a feed that only has the summarized content, simply copy the feed address, go to this Full Text RSS Feed Builder, and receive a new feed that is full-text for you to subscribe and add to any of your Feed Readers, such as Google Reader.

Full Text RSS Feed Builder thumb - How To Turn Any RSS Feed into A Full Text Feed

Or even easier, you can just type in the new feed address directly without going the site to generate them. For example, here is the feed address I want to subscribe in full-text.

I can type in the following new address into my Google Reader to have the new full-text feed subscribed.

Basically, just add the original feed url (without the “http://”) to the end of the address

And that makes my reading life way better because I do have a few blogs I really hoped they have the full-text feed.

But the bloggers or website masters may not like to see. I would urge those who still prefer the snippet type of feed that it’s time change. It just doesn’t make sense, 1) your readers don’t appreciate the exact click and download traffic; 2) your content scrappers will never win any traffic because they scraped your content; and 3) with services like this Full Text RSS Feed Builder, you will lose the feed count even if you have more readers actually subscribed your feed.


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