How To Upgrade HP Stream 7 from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10


Late last year HP released a small Windows tablet, HP Stream 7, with a very attractive price range that’s sub $100 USD. The tablet runs 32 bit Windows 8.1, powered by an Intel Atom CPU. This tiny and yet heavy Windows 8.1 tablet runs Windows 8.1 with Bing (edition) relatively smooth. This is one of the cheapest tablet you can get to experience how Windows is like on a touch screen. The tablet only has 32GB onboard storage, which isn’t much if you take into account of how much space Windows requires to store the entire OS. Thankfully, Microsoft has a new technology that compresses the entire OS bootable image to be much smaller in size so the end-user will have more space to be leveraged. This technology is called WINBoot (Windows Image File Boot).

Because HP Stream 7 isn’t a traditional Windows 8.1 installation and the only inputs available are a micro-USB and a micro-SD Card slot, this makes installing Windows 10 onto this small tablet extremely difficult. There were hacks around the internet that allow you to install Windows 10 Preview onto the tablet but the effort required isn’t worth it.

A Better and Simple Way to Run Windows 10 on HP Stream 7

Believe it or not, this $100 dollar device is also eligible for the free Windows 10 upgrade. However, with all Windows 10 upgrade you need to wait for your turn to receive the upgrade. Here we will show you how to avoid waiting and receive Windows 10 upgrade right now and install it on your HP Stream 7 without any external device’s assistant.
Windows 10 Reserve Upgrade

This common Windows 10 reserve sign-up wizard would make you wait, which defeat the whole purpose of get Windows 10 right now.

Instead there is a registry hack you can use to trick your Windows 8.1 think you’ve waited and it’s your turn to upgrade to Windows 10.
Windows 10 Registry Hack

Go to regedit.exe from your Start Menu and navigate to


Create a new DWORD (32-bit) Value entry called AllowOSUpgrade if it doesn’t exists, and set the value to 1.

Now go back to Control Panel > System and Security > Windows Upgrade and click for “Check for updates”
Windows 10 Download

You should by now receive Windows 10 update and it will automatically download approx. 2GB of upgrade file.
Windows 10 Download

Once they are done you will be prompted with this screen below to ask you to proceed the Windows Update.
Upgrade to Windows 10 HP Stream 7

You don’t need to have a lot of free storage in order to run the Windows Update to Windows 10. It will prompt you if your free storage is insufficient.
Upgrading to Windows 10

Just follow the wizard and go through the steps and this will take a while to finish.
Ready to Upgrade to Windows 10

Downloading Windows 10

Your tablet will restart couple times during which make sure your tablet has enough juice and/or is connected to a power source as this tablet’s battery might not last through the entire upgrade process which could take up to 2 hours or more. At the end of the upgrade your HP Stream 7 should be running the latest official public release Windows 10. If you have a HP Stream 7 or any compatible Windows 8.1 tablet that you’d wish to upgrade it to Windows 10, you can follow the steps above to skip the line and receive Windows 10 upgrade via Windows Update right now.


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