Upgrading Windows 7 or 8.1 to Windows 10 Technical Preview


Last month, Microsoft released a tool to get your PC ready for Windows 10 builds upgrade and now it’s the time to do the real upgrade.

If you have already had installed this preparation tool, go straight to Windows Update and you will find the latest Windows 10 TP build is already waiting for you there.

If you haven’t had chance to get your PC prepared, you can head over to Windows Inside Program now, sign up as a beta tester, and download the Windows10TechnicalPreview.exe file to start the process. Once you installed the tool and restart the computer, then go to Windows Update.

Windows 10 TP - Windows Update

Simply click Install to start the upgrade process. Notice that it will install all pending updates to get your system fully patched before actually starting the installation. So you may experience one or two reboots before seeing the real upgrade process starts.

It’s going to take quite a while to complete. And it worked well on one of my Windows 8.1 computers. Microsoft recommends that you create a USB recovery drive or recovery media to back up your system in case you want to go back to your previous system. However, since the new Boot Option in Windows 10 has option like this, it’s a lot easier to roll back if needed. I tested this Rollback option and it worked like a charm.

Windows 10 TP - roll back option

Windows 10 TP - Rollback

Upgrading means you retain your settings and applications versus a brand new installation that wipes out everything. Normally, we don’t recommend upgrading a live box to a beta version of Windows but considering its upgrade process, rollback option, and future ability upgrade to the final RTM version, we actually encourage anyone wanting to know more Windows 10 to take this upgrade path and trying out more on your main computer.


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