How To Use AMD ReLive Capture Screen Recording


If you have a modern AMD graphic card, chances are you can leverage AMD Radeon Graphic card’s software to capture screen recording natively. For those who run on NVIDIA, there is an equivalent software called ShadowPlay that offer the same functionality. In this guide, we will do a deep dive into AMD’s screen capture utility, ReLive, that comes with the Radeon graphic card driver. The advantage of using the graphics card’s native driver software to screen recording is that it’s completely relying on the GPU to capture the screen, not using any CPU cycle for such intensive task.

Before we proceed further, make sure your AMD graphic card is supported, click here for more details. The next step is to make sure you have an up-to-date driver installed.

2019 04 22 2058 600x293 - How To Use AMD ReLive Capture Screen Recording
older Radeon software version, missing ReLive tab

I have a Radeon RX 560 installed, but my driver is outdated. Running 17.1.1 Radeon Software, as you can see it’s missing the ReLive tab on the bottom. Go to and download the latest driver.

2019 04 22 2130 600x306 - How To Use AMD ReLive Capture Screen Recording
19.4.3 Radeon is the latest as of this writing
2019 04 22 2103 600x306 - How To Use AMD ReLive Capture Screen Recording

Go to ReLive tab and install if it says “ReLive has not been installed”

2019 04 22 2103 001 600x306 - How To Use AMD ReLive Capture Screen Recording
enable ReLive, default it’s set to Off

Now make sure ReLive is enabled after installation by toggle ReLive to On. ReLive is designed to capture in-game recordings, but you can use that to capture desktop screen recording. To do that, make sure “Record Desktop” is set to On.

2019 04 22 2104 600x306 - How To Use AMD ReLive Capture Screen Recording

Once you have turned on ReLive it will show you all the keyboard shortcuts to use ReLive. It could be overwhelming as there are many settings to check out, but if you just need to know how to restart recording, just need to remember this keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Shift+R it’s a Windows system-wide hotkey that will start record your primary display and press it again it will stop. As all the keyboard shortcuts are customizable if you want to change the default key binding simply click the action and override your new keyboard combo.

enable relive - How To Use AMD ReLive Capture Screen Recording
List of ReLive’s recording settings

By default, all video is saved under your <Profile_dir>\Video\Radeon ReLive folder. You have the option to

2019 04 22 2111 - How To Use AMD ReLive Capture Screen Recording
ReLive Recording Overlay

You have the option to turn on or turn off the overlay while recording.

What’s the difference between AVC and HEVC encoding type?

There are quite a few settings under your disposal to play around with, many of which are quite straightforward, except the Encoding Type. Let’s take a look the difference between an AVC vs HEVC encoding type.

HEVC vs AVC - How To Use AMD ReLive Capture Screen Recording
AVC (h.264) encoding vs HEVC (h.265) encoding GPU load

As you can see, when recording with HEVC encoding type the GPU load is around 45% whereas when switched to use AVC encoding type, the GPU load increased to 75%. We are only recording the desktop without any gaming load.

Another difference is the recorded video size. If you take a look at the file with the same length video, the file size of recorded with AVC encoding type is about twice as big compared to HEVC. While HEVC seems superior in all areas, not all device supports the new codec. If you need to use the video for post-production, make sure your video editor supports h.265 codec, and often times it takes more time to render an h.265 video than an h.264 video.

If you have an AMD graphic card, consider using ReLive to record screen-cast instead of another third-party tool. Simply because it’s more optimized and designed to tailor to the GPU your system is running. What you want to avoid is any tool that uses CPU to record instead of GPU, that is if you have a dedicated graphics card. Hope you’ve learned something on screen recording. Enjoy!


  1. Any idea why some times ReLive won’t respond to key strokes? I don’t know what condition lets it record game videos, or not do anything at all.

  2. With this new AMD ReLive Recording, I have the TIME always in upper left corner. And I do not find any setting to switch this off. I DONT WANT THIS TIME SHOWN IN MY VIDEOS


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