How To Use Google Chrome To Compare All Different Browser Memory Usage And More


It’s nice to know that Chrome has this built-in feature for user to check the memory usage on the browsers that are currently open. It also always checks how much memory is using by each tab. You can find out those information by simply typing


in the address bar.


As you can see, the first Summary section lists all the browsers that your system is currently running. In my case I had Firefox, Chrome and IE 8 running. Not only does it tell you how much memory it is using, but it also tells you how much is using shared memory, how much is dedicated to their own memory use.


What’s even more interesting is that in the Processes section listed below you can view and check the memory usage for each individual tab that are opened in the chrome.

processesThe only downside about use this method to check the memory usage is that the information you are getting is not real time update. Unlike Windows Task Manager, this is just a lightweight easy way to check your browser memory consumption.



  1. To check browser memory requirements I would never use a browser and trust the information it gives about another browser.

    Simple check: Windows TaskManager! all info and surely not inflated!

    CTRL-ALT-DELETE and click on Task Manager
    or use right click on taskbar and select TASKMANAGER

    you can’t trust anyone but yourself =)


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