[How To] Use Math Input Panel to Create Complex Math Equation


Here is the back-to-school gift brought to you by Windows 7. Well, not only that, it’s actually for all who have been suffered writing the complex math equations in MS Word or WordPerfect.

What is Math Input Panel?

Math Input Panel uses the math recognizer that’s built into Windows 7 to recognize handwritten math expressions. Handwrite the expressions first into the panel and insert the recognized version into a word-processing or computational program that supports Mathematical Markup Language (MathML).

How to launch the program?

Method 1: Click Start menu and type in “math input”, and hit enter.

Method 2: Click Start menu, and browsing through  All Programs, Accessories until you find Math Input Panel icon from the list.


How to use it?

The program is better used off on tablet computer or touch screen. However, you have no program use your mouse, if you are a good cat.

  1. Launch both MS Word, and the Math Input Panel.
  2. Simply handwrite a well-formed math equation in the writing area.
  3. Make necessary corrections to the math recognition.
  4. Once you are satisfied of the result, click or tap the Insert button to insert the recognized math into the Word.



How to make corrections?

If you find the math equation you wrote is misrecognized in the top text box, you can correct them by using the simple tool that attached on the side, or select the element that’s incorrect and rewrite it.

It’s also possible that the math equation will be recognized correctly by the time you complete in whole.

A few notes worth knowing

  • The program saves the written equations in history so they can be reused later on. So make good use of it.
  • The math recognizer built in Windows 7 recognizes high school and college-level math. So it covers pretty well for general use, especially the students who are almost backing to school.
  • It also works pretty seamlessly with the Windows 7 built-in note-taken program, Windows Journal. It’s worth trying if you like both.
  • The well-written equation only can be inserted into the program that supports Mathematical Markup Language. So if the equation doesn’t show up in your problem, that’s probably because your program doesn’t have the proper support component installed.

That’s about it. Happy handwriting your beloved math formula.



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