How To Record Computer Issues with Steps Recorder in Windows 10


Problem Steps Recorder is a Windows built-in tool that helps end users to repeat and record the steps how the issues occurred. It’s basically a screen recording utility that you can find in Windows 7 and above systems. This is a step-by-step user guide on how to use this useful tool to record how a particular issue occurs in Windows 10.

Step 1 – Launch Steps Recorder

Click Start, type “Steps Recorder”, and click Steps Recorder (Desktop app) that pops up in the list.

Windows 10 - Steps Recorder - find command

Step 2 – Start recording

Once the tool is launched, click the Start Record button and start repeating the steps that lead up to the issue or error you encountered.

Windows 10 - Steps Recorder

The tool automatically records every click you clicked on the screen by taking a screenshot and adding a text description to go with it. It’s not going to record the keystrokes you pressed so you will have to use Add Comment button to add any necessary comments or explanations along the way.

Windows 10 - Steps Recorder - adding a comment

By default, you can record the 25 most recent steps but you can increase or decrease the number or even disable the screen capture altogether from the Settings page. Click the little down arrow icon next to the Question mark button, and select Settings… to bring up the Settings dialog box.

Windows 10 - Steps Recorder - Settings Windows 10 - Steps Recorder - Settings button

Step 3 – Stop recording

Once you have finished recording the problem, click Stop Record button. By the way, you can also pause the recording process by clicking on Pause Record button as well if you need to take a break.

Windows 10 - Steps Recorder - start recording

The result page pops right up for you to review the captured steps and screenshots.

Windows 10 - Steps Recorder - saving the result

Click Save button to save the result in a zip file that you can email to your support people later on. What’s in the zipped file is a MHTML file that can be opened in any modern internet browser.

Windows 10 - Steps Recorder - Output

That’s about it. Next time when you encounter a computer issue that is hard to explain, try to use this Windows built-in tool to make both you and your support guy’s life easier, which will definitely lead to get your problem solved much faster.



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