How To View Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint Documents In Chrome

Google just announced yesterday that in up coming Chrome, you will be able to view Microsoft Office documents, specifically Word, Excel and PowerPoint right inside Chrome. It’s a neat feature and it’s also a strategic move from Google to try to move user further away from Microsoft’s product ecosystem. This should come no surprise considering that Google implemented it’s own version of PDF render years ago and made it into Chrome as the default PDF viewing, pushing users away from using Adobe’s PDF plugin.

You can try out the new feature right now in any Chrome that’s running on Beta channel. In addition, you will also need to install the Chrome Office Viewer extension (only on Beta chrome). Google claim that the new feature also comes with a layer of protection when view documents in sandbox mode, to protect you from malicious attacks. If you might wonder what’s in the world you can get attacked when viewing a Microsoft office document, look no further on an office zip bomb file as an example.


To view any Microsoft office documents just drag and drop Word, Excel or PowerPoint files into Chrome, or open a link that points directly to such file formats.


Google has provided some examples here, here and here. But hey, I’m sure you can find those files easily on any computer. Give it a try, it’s a handy addition to Chrome none the less, but having used Office 2013 for sometimes now, I’m not sure if this will change the way I view any Microsoft office documents.

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Last updated: 08/04/2014

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