How To Watch Streaming Live TV via XBMC on Your Windows


You can cancel your cable after you’ve read rest of the guide. This is for real, just recently released XBMC add-ons called SuperTV enables you to watch/streaming LIVE TV channels from tons popular TV channels in US and Europe.

First, if you don’t know what’s XBMC is, you better check out this awesome piece of software. It’s a home media center that can be run on almost any platform that you can think of, fully support on any PC, Mac, Linux, Apple TV, game consoles (Xbox).

Get Started – Install SuperTV

Download the ZIP XBMC add-on here.


Launch XBMC, go to System > SettingsAdd-ons > Install from zip file

Navigate to the location where you previously downloaded. Install (you should always download and install the latest version whenever available)

Once you have installed, navigate back to the main menu. Go to Programs



Launch SuperTV.



Now all the channels around the world are on your finger tip. I’ve personally tested some of the channels within United States, shows like ABC, CBS, FOX and ESPN all seems to be fully working at the moment of writing this post.

Screen Shot 2012-04-27 at 6.30.48 AM

There you have it, there are over hundreds channel you can choose from, some might work some might now. But hey, if you are just for some live news or sports shows this is the perfect tool you need for your living room. Plus if you have an second generation jailbroken Apple TV, you can watch this on your big TV at your living room instead.

If your video stopped after 60 seconds

There is a fix for that if your video stopped playing/steaming after 60 seconds. You need to replace this DLL file at the following location

Program Files/XBMC/system/players/dvdplayer/librtmp.dll

if you need to update your XBMC in the future make sure this DLL file gets properly updated as well.

You can download and update libRTMP here. (PC) For all other platforms go visit this wiki page




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