Improved Easy Transfer Wizard to Back Up Your Data in Windows 7


This is a guest post written by Gagandeep Singh, a windows 7 user and Marketing Executive in Fortepromo, which manufactures Promotional Flash Drives for various businesses.

Windows Easy Transfer is an inbuilt application to help people to transfer their data, account settings, applications installed from old PC to and New PC. Lot of Improvements have been Made on New Window Easy Transfer in Windows 7 based on the feedback of Windows Vista Users.


In Windows 7 Easy Transfer, people can transfer files in 3 ways

  • External Hard Drive,
  • PC-to-PC using Easy Transfer cable, and
  • Over a network.

If your PC is used by multiple persons or have different user profiles, Easy Transfer File wizard will show all the profiles so that you can select the user profile you want to copy and transfer to any external hard drive or to another computer.


In addition to selecting a Specific user profile, Windows 7 gives an additional feature to select what file to transfer and see all the files which are being transferred. It is now possible to select each file you want to migrate to another Pc and make changes per file basis.


The Same Enhanced Selectivity Feature which you get at the time of creating backups would be available to you at the time of restoring files also. You can select which file you want to restore from a backup as shown in following figure:


The Other New Feature Which You get in Windows 7 Easy Transfer is the Windows Easy Transfer Reports. After the Transfer is Complete , It is now possible to view a detailed report of which files had been transferred and where it was moved to , which programs were installed to your new pc complete with Links if possible.

Easy Transfer that is built right in Windows 7 is a very handy tool , if you have multiple computers and you want to transfer one user profile to another or you want to migrate your user profile from old Windows Version to Windows 7.



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