[Infograph] Malwarelympics 2012 – Facts about Malware


Emisoft, an AV vendor, prepared an interesting infographic visualizing the facts about malware in numbers and Olympic titles, based on their data captured by their main anti-malware product. Windows, unsurprisingly, captured the gold in OS targeted most by malware category with a unbeatable margin over Android, Linux, and Mac OS in combined.

Russia surpassed China and grabbed gold in Countries with the most infections seen overall, while USA and Germany secured silver and bronze respectfully. It’s a little surprise to me that China, used to be the warm bed for all sorts of malware, failed to capture the medal.

In Top Malware Categories, Trojans stands at the top of the podium with gold medal hanging on its neck, while Backdoors and Online Gaming Password Stealers are standing at its sides. What’s really surprise is that virus is no longer a major impact to the computer security. With only 0.49% of malware detected as viruses, it’s only a tiny piece comparing to the whole malware family.

The most common methods of infection:

  • Internet downloads
  • drive-by infections
  • dropped by another infection
  • exploits/leaks in outdated software
  • email attachments
  • USB sticks and other removable devices
  • manually installed/social engineering


Thanks to EmiSoft for creating this interesting infographic, and the windows club for sharing.



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