Insync Enables Your Google Doc To Become Dropbox Like–Seamless Sync Across All Devices and Web


Google Doc is great, it’s light and it’s easy to use. All you need is a browser to get access to the internet, and you don’t ever need to worry about not saving the file or losing it, because Google Doc auto saves everything as  you type. But it lacks one key feature, that’s the ability to access the file locally.

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This is where Insync shines, it’s a Dropbox like tool that you can download and install to your PC or Mac and it automatically syncs all your documents from Google doc to your local machine. If you have ever used Dropbox, you will know how easy it is to save files using Dropbox. Well the same goes to Insync, any changes or saving either from your local machine or from Google Doc online it’s all synced seamlessly.

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Here is the catch, while Dropbox gives you 2GB of free space for the initial sign up, Google Doc only has 1GB of storage space available for their Google Doc (free). If you wish to expend your storage space, with Dropbox you can referring your friend or try out their beta program. But with Google Doc, your only option for now is to spend money buy extra space. But the plus side is that Google’s paid storage service is much cheaper than Dropbox, according to Insync there are up to 10-8 times cheaper.

Google charges $0.25 per GB/year and Dropbox charges $2.00 per GB/year.

Insync is a great tool if you like to port over your documents to Google Doc (in the cloud), or have files downloaded locally. Either way, it’s free !

Still not convinced ? Checkout the video below.



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