Intel Solid State Drive Toolbox Helps To Optimize and Analyze Installed Intel SSD on Windows 7



If you have SSD installed on your Windows 7 you probably want to get most out of it to make sure the money you spent on this precious piece are worth it. And if the SSD you have is Intel branded, then here is the nice tool for you.

Intel Solid State Drive Toolbox is a Windows tool released by Intel that optimize and analyze the Intel SSD installed on your Windows system. It’s a free tool that provides the following functional capabilities:

  • Accessing Intel SSD management features.
  • Reporting the drive identification data for all drives.
  • Accessing the Self-Monitoring, analysis, and reporting technology (SMART) attributes for all drives.
  • Checking the SMART thresholds and viewing recommended actions for all drives.
  • Running diagnostic scans on Intel SSDs to check for any READ and WRITE errors.

As you can see, even though the tool works for all drives it only supports Intel branded SSD when coming down to optimize and analyze the drive.


I don’t have any SSD installed on my laptop so I only get to see the drive information and SMART attributes of my SATA drive.



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