Internet Explorer 10 Gets An Auto Update Option


Not sure if you noticed, it appears that the desktop version of IE 10 on Windows 8 Consumer Preview got an option that allows the browser to update itself automatically when there are updates related to it automatically.

Go to About page in IE 10 on desktop, and you can turn on/off the auto update settings there.

IE 10 About Page

But you don’t get the same in IE 10 metro version. I guess Metro App has its own update to go through, through the App Store maybe.

IE 10 Metro About Page

Having an auto update option in IE is a welcome long due feature that not only keeps your browser always up-to-date but can also keep you out of the update cycle if you wish not update so often.

[hat tip to Within Windows]



  1. The big question is: Will this only be security updates or also feature updates? (supporting more/new web-standards for example). Or do we have to still wait for a major version to get new features which will require an up-to-date version of Windows. (for example: Internet Explorer 11 that will not support Windows 7 anymore, only works on Windows 8 and 9a)


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