IObit Uninstaller 3 – A Powerful Program Remove Tool for Windows 7 & 8


We previously mentioned this uninstaller before in this post and it was when it’s still in version 2. Now, with the version 3, IObit Uninstaller becomes such a powerful tool that helps you to remove unwanted programs and leftovers completely without any hassle. It’s still light and free, and on top of that, it detects and categorizes all the installed programs and allows bulk uninstallation with just one single click.

Download and install the tool is easy and quick. Especially the installation of the tool, it goes in quietly and launches itself right after, just like a portable tool.

Uninstaller - run

IObit Uninstaller has a very nicely designed user interface, with 2 separate tabs at top for Programs and Toolbars & Plug-ins. By default, it scans and lists all programs installed on your computer in 5 different categories.

Uninstaller - 2014-08-27 13_56_20

You can Batch Uninstall or click the recycle bin to uninstall program individually. You will get the option to create restore point before uninstalling the program, for when you need to revert the system back later on.

Uninstaller - individual uninstall

After the program is uninstalled, you will get the option to Powerful Scan to clean the leftovers of the program thoroughly. It’s recommended turning on the option to let this Powerful Scan to run in automatic.

Uninstaller - powerful scan

And it’s good to see the confirmation like this, isn’t it?

Uninstaller - powerful scan - confirmation

IObit Uninstaller can also clean up the unwanted Toolbars and Plug-ins in your browsers, not only Internet Explorer but all popular browsers including Google Chrome and Firefox. What’s new here is that it has a new voting system to help you to identify malicious apps and plug-ins. Your vote to the ones you are using also counts.

Uninstaller - 2014-08-27 13_58_41

Last but not least, if you have some programs installed on your computer but not listed in the Uninstaller, you can use Forced Uninstall at the top right of the tool to remove them when needed.

Uninstaller - forced uninstall


Overall, IObit Uninstaller is a free, lightweight yet powerful program remove tool for Windows computers. It not only helps you to uninstall programs you no longer need but doing so in a way that doesn’t leave anything behind. It’s one of the best in the category.



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