IP Seizer is A Portable IP Address Scanner


IP Seizer is a free portable network utility that scans your local network and lists all live IP addresses and the devices that use them. The listed info includes IP address, status, host name, MAC address, and workgroup/domain info.

image thumb47 - IP Seizer is A Portable IP Address Scanner

IP Seizer can be run in two different modes, quick and thorough. The quick mode is the normal mode but may miss a few devices. The thorough mode will take longer to complete but will ping all the addresses to see what can be found. This mode should be used when looking for devices such as wireless bridges, switches, network cameras, printers etc.

Once the scan is finished, you can save the result into a plain text file for later use. Or, print it. You can also use the  Open in IE button to access the IP address directly in default browser. If there is a website hosted there you will immediately see it there. Or, you can use Explorer to open the IP address in Windows Explorer to see if there are any shared resources there.

Since it’s portable, it could be useful when you need an inventory of what’s been running on your local network.



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