iPhone Data Recovery Using Software


There are times when you are not able to access your important file on devices like the iPhone. This could be due to the accidental deletion of the files by pressing delete button or due to data loss while transferring them to a PC.

There could be various other reasons for data loss including damaged device, forgotten password, device formatting, and more. In any of the cases mentioned above, the data gets disappeared in such a way that a user might not access it forever. Some of the scenarios of iPhone data loss are mentioned below.

  1. Improper disconnection of iPhone device from the system.
  2.  Data loss while updating the iOS.
  3. Sudden power failure during transfer of files from iPhone to PC.
  4. iPhone device hardware failure.
  5.  Virus or Malware attack.
  6. Any Mishandling or human induced errors.
  7. Transferring data while the iPhone battery is low, and more.

However, depending upon the nature of the loss, there are ways using which such lost data can be recovered. When a file gets accidentally or intentionally deleted from the device, it is its entry that gets deleted from the table. The data still remain in its allocated location, unless it is overwritten by some other write operation.

That is the reason, it is recommended not to use the device from which the data has been lost, to have any possibility of data recovery. It is better to keep the device in a safe location to avoid any kind of further damage to the iPhone device.

For users, who frequently experience data loss situations, it is recommended to have a regular backup of the iPhone data. A backup file can help in recovering important files in case of data loss situations. Creating backup is a simple process, which requires the data to be copied at safe and error-free location.

However, there are many different ways using which backup can be created. You can use the iTunes to create your iPhone backup on Mac itself. It provides you with the same level of data access as you get with the iPhone. While recovering the data from the iTunes backup, you need not connect the iTunes device.

In case you have not created any backup, things might become difficult. However, with the use of a professional and reliable iPhone Data Recovery tool you can overcome such situations. There are various such tools that you can choose from to perform iPhone data recovery.

Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery for iOS is a complete utility to recover lost or deleted data from various iOS based devices including iPhone. The software supports different versions of iPhone like iPhone 5s, 5c, 5, 4s, and 4. With this tool various information like Contacts, Messages, Call Histories, Calendar, Notes, Reminders, and other multimedia files can be recovered in no time. In addition, the tool is also capable of recovering data from iTunes backup files.

Recover Lost Data Using iOS Data Recovery Software

You need to follow the below mentioned steps to recover lost data from iPhones, using Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery for iOS.

Note: It is recommended to connect your iPhone device before running the software. In addition, you need to ensure that the latest iTunes version is running while scanning the iOS device.

  1. Launch ‘Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery for iOS’ software. The main interfaceis displayed as shown below.iOS-recoveryThe main interface is very simple and interactive, as it allows you to recover your iPhone data by providing two easy options: Scan Device and Scan Backup.
  2. Click on the ’Scan Device’ option to start scanning the connected iPhone device.
  3. Once the deviceis detected, the iPhone items like Contacts, Messages, Call History, Calendar, Notes, Reminders, etc. gets added in a tree-like structure as shown below.scanning-iPhone-data
  4. The left pane of the interface has the iPhone items in the form of files and folders. In addition, it has an option to use the iTunes backup file for recovery. The green bar, which moves from right to left, indicates the progress of the scanning process.
  5. Once the scanning is complete, click on any file to see its content in the main interface itself. For example, click on the Call History to see all made, received, and missed calls as shown below.recoverable-documents
  6. hoose one or more files and click ‘Save’, to recover selected items at a desiredlocation.Note: The software uses a unique color-coding scheme to highlight all deleted items in red and others in blue.

In case you need to recover iOS data from an iTunes backup file, you need to choose the ‘Scan Backup’ option from the main interface. To complete the entire recovery process follow the below mentioned steps.

  1. Once the scanningis done, the software displays a list of available backup files in your system as shown below.


  2. You can add more backup files by clicking on the ‘Add Backup’ option from the left pane as shown below.


  3. Select the desired iTunes backup file to see its content. Select any number of items and click ‘Save’ to recover the selected files at a desired location.


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