iSendr Shares Files Without Hosting Them on a Server for All to Access


Unlike many other similar web services, iSendr is an on-demand direct file transfer system that uses peer-to-peer technology to transfer files directly between you and the other party. And because of that, iSendr has no way to monitor, capture, or access your files. And because iSendr utilize 128-bit AES encryption during the transition your file are well protected over the line. Plus, you can secure your file even more by adding a strong password on it.

Sounds quite interesting. And let’s see how it actually works.

If you are the one sharing a file out to your friend, go to iSendr’s home page and click on Send a File button on the page.


And pick up the file you want to share from the File dialog box, click Open.


Then, copy the link in green by click on the little scissors icon and send it to your friend. At this point, don’t  close this page or your friend on the other side won’t be able to download it.

Once your friend got the link and opened it in the browser, the transfer starts right away.


It’s just that easy. You may ask why this is better. Well, here are 2 reasons.

1. Most of the file sharing/transferring web services out there pretty much use the same concept that asks you to upload your files to their website host first before your other party can access them. Not sure if you have ever used one of those services but if you do, have you ever concerned about your files once they are transferred to the middle man’s hand? This actually addresses this issue quite nicely.

2. There are also certain situations where you want to be able to exchange files between you and the other party instantly. This also works better than the other ones because it at least saves the time by consolidating upload and download into one process.

Credit goes to for finding and sharing this awesome website.



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