Just Your Smile, That’s All You Need to Login [Face Recognition]


Wouldn’t it be so cool if all I need to do to log into my computer is a smile?

KeyLemon is a free face recognition application that exactly can do this. All you need is a webcam attached on your computer and this free app. Load it up and follow a 4-step configure wizard. You are off to go.

Of course, the first step is to properly install a webcam on your computer and make sure it’s working before moving forward to next step.

Then, download and install KeyLemon on your computer. A 4-step setup wizard will automatically follow right after the installation. It’s fairly easy to follow up. Be ready to position yourself in the right position, smile to let the application create your face model, associate the model with your windows password. And done. Next time after you log off, you will have a video screen at the top with a KeyLemon user icon in the middle beside your normal user account icon.

KeyLemon Login Screen

Once the computer see the face in the video window that matches the model you created earlier, it logs you in without asking a password. To be honest, it works great. I am very impressed how it accurately recognized my face.

KeyLemon Basic is free but it also has a few other modules that isn’t. For example, the Bronze version, which costs $19.95, auto-locks your computer when you leave it.

KeyLemon works on both Windows and OS X but some of the additional paid modules only work on Windows only. If you are developer, whether developing apps for Windows, iOS, OS X, Android, or Lunix, you can integrate this new face recognition technology into your app with KeyLemon Face SDK.



    • it’s fairly accurate. But to increase the security level, you better making a face with the emotion that is hard to copy. I think the technology is still quite new and needs the fine tuning, just like windows 8’s picture password. Great idea but still has the hurtles to jump over before becoming a strong solid solution.



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