Know When To Upgrade BIOS and Recovery Troubleshoot


Okay, so you need to upgrade BIOS. First stop right there, ask yourself this question again, and is it truly necessary to have the BIOS upgraded? Upgrading BIOS usually will add either new support for hardware or marginal improvements over the existing hardware. The rule of thumb is to upgrade when there is a need, because when upgrade BIOS fail the consequences might be catastrophic, sometimes unrecoverable. Sometimes it could be a choice between risk vs gain. We often say, the higher the risk the greater the return, sadly this isn’t true when it comes to upgrading your BIOS. The stake is high but rewards are low.


When to upgrade BIOS

If you own a laptop and is considering upgrading the BIOS, chances are it’s uneasy. Because hardware changes are unlikely and thus the need for a BIOS upgrade is also unnecessary. Unless you are going after the marginal gains in performance as most BIOS upgrade are. This also brings up to another important point, it’s essential to know what the new BIOS version contains, read the changelog carefully.

BIOS Recovery

BIOS jumper is the first method you can try if BIOS upgrade failed. Each motherboard manufacturer has its own way of resetting the BIOS to recovery mode. You need to find the corresponding help documentation on the motherboard you are using. To find what motherboard you are using check out this guide.

If configuring the jumper to recovery mode failed, try to reset the CMOS by removing the battery from the motherboard. This will reset your BIOS settings to factory defaults. Again, you need to reference to the motherboard’s help documents on which battery to remove. Usually, there is only one battery on the board.

If all above failed, there aren’t many options left to fix your computer. However, if your motherboard is one of those that come with dual BIOS like many Gigabyte motherboards do, you will be able to automatically failover to the backup BIOS and your system will continue to work as normally.



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