Launch Your Favorite Applications with Win+R Alias Manager


If you like the Run window, the one shows up when you press Win+R, you are going to like this Win+R Alias Manager. It extends the use of Run window greatly by utilizing the Windows built in Alias feature. With Win+R Alias Manager, you can quickly launch any application simply by pressing Win+R and typing in the name of the alias you previously configured.

WinR Alias Manager 1.0.0 thumb - Launch Your Favorite Applications with Win+R Alias Manager

It’s a portable tool that when it launches it searches and lists the alias the system already has in place. And you can add any new alias that point to the applications that are not listed. Or you can simply edit the existing ones on the list to make your own name that you can easily remember, such as change firefox to ff.

WinR Alias Manager Edit thumb - Launch Your Favorite Applications with Win+R Alias Manager

You can assign two types of aliases for both current users and the system-wide. It was recommended that always use the user level of aliases first before spreading to the system wide. However, the user level of aliases are only supported in Windows 7 and Windows 8. You will have to choice but use system-wide aliases on a XP, or Vista computer.

Win+R Alias Manager works on Windows XP and above, both 32-bit and 64-bit editions. For Windows 8, there is a folder called “Win8Native” that contains a version specifically built for it.


Win+R Alias Manager can be quite useful if you like the way how it launches your frequently used applications using your own alias. It’s portable, light weighted, and FREE. It would be a lot nicer if it comes with an import/export or sync feature that could save a lot of times for people like me using multiple computers.


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