Learn How To Explain Phishing to Your Grandma with This FREE eBook


Have you ever had trouble explaining what the phishing means to your grandma, or your parents, or even yourself? Or do you understand the web threads in general? and would like to explain these threads in a tongue that even a person who only knows what a browser is can understand?

Here is a free eBook, published by Sophos, a security solution provider, that explains the facts about threads to your computers and to your data in simple, easy-to-understand language.


The book is called “Threatsaurus, the a-z of computer and data security threats“, containing 130 pages with full of content in PDF format, spreading in the following 5 chapters.

  • Introduction
  • A-Z of threats
  • Security software/hardware
  • Safety tips
  • Malware timeline

It’s totally free, and you can download it right from this official page.



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